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Discipleship Groups

Each Sunday at 9:45AM members gather across our facility for a discipleship hour! There are classes of various focuses, formats, and curriculums all geared toward training believers in the Word of God. Want more info about a specific class or classes? Submit your name, email, and the classes that interest you and we'll get you connected with a teacher or greeter! We also offer access to a digital content library called RightNow Media that you can join for free. Some of our classes use this for their curriculum while other member use it as a personal resource! You can check  it out and sign up by clicking here!



We provide childcare for all ages. Nursey 1 is set up specifically for newborns through 18 months while Nursery 2 oversees 18 months through 3 years (or potty trained).

PreK - K5

One of our most exciting classes features our pre-k kids through current kindergarteners. This class uses Orange Curriculum to teach kids the BIG Bible story and pictures through songs, lessons, videos, and crafts. 

1st - 5th Grade

This class is our, "Kids Connections," class designed to build upon the basic truths they learned in the PreK-K class. Even though it's a wide age group we ensure there is something practical and challenging for all kids involved so they can grow together and individually. 


The Betherean class meets at the end of our office wing and consists mostly of retired adults but remains a coed class for people of all ages, single or married. The Betherean class uses quarterly curriculum by Explore the Bible and they are currently going through 1 & 2 Kings together. This class meets regularly outside of Sunday AM for lunches and other events.  


Our 7th-12th graders meet upstairs in the youth room each Sunday. After the middle schoolers depart for their own group the remain and  study their lesson in a way that challenges them to grow and make an impact in the schools, homes, and church. They are currently walking through 1 & 2 Kings.

College & Career

We are thrilled to have a group of young adults who meet together each Sunday from 9:45-11AM for prayer, Bible study, and event planning. This group has a more formal Bible Study on Wednesdays at 8PM and most of the attendees are active in service on our audio/video/praise teams! This is a coed class that ranges from ages 18-28.

Adult Connections

Our adult connections class is a coed class for single or married men and women with an age range of 30 to mid-50's. This is a doctrinally focused class that dives deep into Scripture while making connections with other adults in the church whom they may relate to in other settings. The connections class is currently doing a Creation study from Right Now Media. 

Ladies Class

Our Ladies class meets upstairs in our Family Life Center and is open to all women. The curriculum ranges from topical studies to Bible studies covering everything in between. They also meet frequently throughout the year outside of Sunday morning for fellowship. The age range of this class is generally 30-50 with a few attendees a little older or younger. They are currently doing a study on Jude by Jackie Hill Perry.


Journey is an all ladies class that is very doctrinally focused and is geared more toward our middle aged ladies in their 50's & 60's, however any lady is welcome to join! Our Journey ladies are currently doing a study on Psalm 119 and will begin a study on the book, "Love Walked Among Us," soon. 

Pairs & Spares

Our Pairs & Spares class is an adult class that meets next to our kitchen and uses the quarterly to go through the Bible book by book. The individuals in this class are almost all retired with the age range mostly falling from 60-80. They are currently walking through 1 & 2 Kings. 


Our oldest and largest class is a combination of two (Bethany + Berean = Betherean) classes with rich histories at Colbert. This class is consistently in the mid-20's in attendance and is a coed class of all ages with most of the members falling in the 50-70 year range. This class uses a quarterly to go through the Bible book by book and meets for various outings and luncheons. 

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