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Discipleship Groups

Each Sunday at 9:45AM members gather across our facility for a discipleship hour! There are classes of various focuses, formats, and curriculums all geared toward training believers in the Word of God. Want more info about a specific class or classes? Submit your name, email, and the classes that interest you and we'll get you connected with a teacher or greeter! We also offer access to a digital content library called RightNow Media that you can join for free. Some of our classes use this for their curriculum while other member use it as a personal resource! You can check  it out and sign up by clicking here!

Adult Fellowship & Discipleship


This fall our men will begin a year-long study by Tony Evans called, "Kingdom Men." This ministry will kick off on August 21st at 6PM in the Family Life Center where all men 15+are welcome. From there we will form 3 groups based on age to meet with each month at a time of your choice until we conclude the study in April with another large group event. We also have a team of men who meet together to pray in rotation on Sunday mornings called Armor Bearers. 


We have several ways for our ladies to connect year-round. We have multiple ladies prayer groups that meet in host homes each month. We offer a ladies bible study each semester (current study begins August 8th and will be held each Monday at 10AM and 6PM) and we are getting ready to start a new study by Kay Arthur, "Lord, Where are you when bad things happen?" We offer two ladies Sunday School classes and also have a ladies book club that reads 6 books per year, meeting every other month to discuss their latest read. 

Senior Citizens

Our Saints Alive ministry has started taking a few trips again after a brief hiatus. Many of our seniors make up our Betherean and Pairs & Spares Sunday School classes as well as our special choir, "Sounds of Grace." All three groups meet regularly for fellowship opportunities and social gatherings. 

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesdays at 6:45PM any adult 18+ has an opportunity to attend one of two Bible Studies. One is led primarily by three retired ministers and consists topical and expository studies. The other is led primarily by our Senior Pastor and is geared more toward young adults and adults who are dropping their kids off for our midweek programs.

Sunday AM Groups

Young Men 18-30

This is for young men between the ages of 18-30. 

Young Women 18-30

This is for young women between the ages of 18-30.

Couples 25-40

This is for couples between the ages of 25-40.

Couples 41-65

This is for couples between the ages of 41-65.

Women 31+

This is a women's group for those who are 31 and older. 

Men 31+

This is a men's group for those who are 31 and older.


Journey is an all ladies class that is very doctrinally focused and is geared more toward our middle aged ladies in their 50's & 60's, however any lady is welcome to join! Our Journey ladies are currently doing a study on Psalm 119 and will begin a study on the book, "Love Walked Among Us," soon. 

Pairs & Spares

Our Pairs & Spares class is an adult class that meets next to our kitchen and uses the quarterly to go through the Bible book by book. The individuals in this class are almost all retired with the age range mostly falling from 60-80. They are currently walking through 1 & 2 Kings. 


Our Betherean class is combination of two (Bethany + Berean = Betherean) classes with rich histories at Colbert. This class is a coed class of all ages with most of the members falling in the 50-70 year range that uses a quarterly to go through the Bible book by book, meeting for various outings & meals.

Discipleship Class Information
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