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Jacob Dixon 

Student Minister (7th-12th Grades)

3v3 Basketball Tournament

 On Saturday April 8th at 4PM Colbert Baptist will be hosting our annual 3v3 basketball tournament. All ages are welcome, but each team much have at least one active Colbert Baptist Church attendee. Any team without an active attendee will not be allowed to play. 

Any student under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian fill out the waiver below. Anyone 18 or older can wait and fill out a waiver during sign in on the day of the tournament. 

Rules for the Tournament: Half-court 3v3 game to 12 or whomever is ahead after 10 minutes of a running clock. Teams can sub during any dead ball. Each team is allowed 1 thirty second timeout which will stop the running clock until the next play starts. If teams are tied after 10 minutes there will be a one minute overtime to determine a winner. 

The amount of teams that sign up will determine the bracket for the tournament and will be decided by church staff on the day of the tournament. 

For any questions message Jacob at

3v3 Colbert Baptist Basketball Tourney

By checking the box below, I, the parent/guardian of the registerd player grant my consent for he/she to participate in Colbert's 3v3 tournament on April 8th at 4PM. I am aware that injuries and accidents may occur and release Colbert Baptist of any liability from basketball related incidents.
I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the rules stated above and that elimination and dismissal from the tournament is at the discretion of Colbert staff.

Good luck!

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