About Colbert

Welcome to Colbert Baptist! We know it’s hard to feel the heartbeat of a church through a screen but we hope that by visiting our page, you’ll be moved to plan a visit and experience the community and friendliness firsthand. Colbert Baptist is a family focused, mission minded, and Christ centered house of worship. Won’t you join us?


Family Focused

We focus on building community inside the walls of the home and the church! Everything we do is geared toward growth in Christ for the personal and church family alike! from doctrinally driven Sunday School classes to relationally focused small groups and everything in between.


Mission Minded

We want to let those within our reach know that we care about them but more importantly we want them to know God cares about them. We strive to meet needs in our church and the community in a variety of ways each year and have several strong partnerships with local nonprofits in the Greater-Athens area who share our passions!

Christ Centered

We seek to do all of this in the name of Jesus Christ and His finished work upon the cross. The most memorable hour of church fellowship and the greatest community outreach are nothing without their foundations being rooted in the character and call of our Lord. We strive to make Him known through all we do internally and externally. 


We value age appropriate discipleship settings, gathering with people you can relate to and grow with and equipping the next generation to impact the world around them! 


65 S 5TH ST &  PO BOX 318


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